Confirmation - Teen

“To be young is to be attracted to truth, freedom, peace, beauty and goodness. To be young means to be eager to live; to live joyfully, meaningfully.” St. Pope John Paul II

Maturing in Christian faith is a life-long Journey. Confirmation preparation is a process in Christian growth based on the belief that adolescents are at a significant point in their faith journey where they are beginning to establish a personal faith identity. Through sharing their own journey and interaction with others, the candidates are assisted in identifying and understanding how God is working in their lives, and come to a new realization of faith within the context of the parish community.

The goal of the Confirmation Preparation Process is to prepare the high school-aged youth to receive the sacrament and to deepen the faith of the parish community. A justice perspective and sensitivity to the multi-cultural diversity of the Archdiocese are integrated into this program. This process is grounded in a vision of youth ministry in which the parish community responds to the needs of the youth and encourages them to return to share their unique gifts with the parish community (A Vision of Youth Ministry, USCC, 1976).

Saint Stephen Confirmation program follows the Confirmation Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles which in turn are modeled on the components of Youth Ministry. The Catechetical component provides foundation for prayer and worship, service opportunities, retreat experiences and community building. This process encourages full and active participation of all involved, and calls on the community to celebrate significant moments in the candidates’ faith journey. The Confirmation Preparation Process is a source of renewal for the whole parish community. The celebration of rituals and the involvement of so many members of the parish-priests, parents, sponsors, teams, and youth - are sources for inspiration and spiritual renewal for the entire community. 

St. Stephen’s welcomes any high school student who is interested in receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation to take part in a two year program

With the support of other teen candidates, as well as teen and adult faith sharers and catechists, the young person journeys toward making a personal commitment to Jesus and the Catholic faith.  All participants meet on Thursday evenings, from 7 to 9 pm.  You will receive a calendar with the session dates when you register.  The two year program meets twice a month.   

Who Registers

In addition to the candidate being present to register, at least one parent must also be present.

What to bring to registration:

The candidate must have the following documents when registering:

                                    Baptismal and First Communion Certificates.  If a candidates has not

                                    been baptized or received their First Communion, this is not a problem.

                                    Simply inform the team at the time of registration.  Part of the program

                                    will include preparation to receive one or both of these sacraments while

                                    preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.




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